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TruckBroTools Our factory is a modern and well-equipped manufacturing facility. It specializes in producing high-quality products with advanced technology and strict quality control. The factory has a team of skilled workers and experienced managers who ensure efficient production processes. We use top-grade materials and state-of-the-art equipment to guarantee the quality and reliability of our products. Our factory also pays attention to environmental protection and safety, and strives to achieve sustainable development. We are committed to providing customers with excellent products and services, and are constantly exploring new markets and opportunities for growth.

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We take pride in crafting bungee cords with the highest quality elastic material, ensuring durability and reliability for all your securing needs.

Our bungee cords are designed to meet a wide range of applications, from securing cargo on trucks to tying down equipment during outdoor activities. The possibilities are endless.

With sturdy metal hooks and a rubber coating, our bungee cords prioritize safety by providing a secure hold while protecting surfaces from scratches or damage.

About us

Elastic cord Braiding consists of covering a core (natural latex, synthetic rubber, elastane, graphite, etc.) with a textile formed by interlacing yarn from rotating spools.

We have about 400 braiding machines。This process is used for numerous applications. We can combine several types of covering (polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester, cotton, polyamide, Kevlar, aramid, glass fibre, copper, carbon fibre, linen, hemp, etc.) to obtain very precise characteristics for a cord.securing items

Our proprietary manufacturing capabilities allow us to make product shapes beyond the standard circular, including triangular, rectangular and square. These capabilities also allow us to make varying densities, unique technical fiber blends and varying heat resistance abilities that few others can offer.

Our continuous improvement efforts support our service orientated goals and are ongoing, including Lean/MEPS initiatives for machine maintenance and a robust quality assurance program. Our goal remains to contribute to the success of our OEM and distribution customers for the long term. We hope to have the opportunity to produce a simple or engineered product for your organization



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